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Image by Michele Guan

  "I hired Lisa Viviano because of a chronic neck issue. I had experienced hypnosis before but not in the way that Lisa teaches it. It was far more personal as she created scripts that directly aimed at my issues. I ended up talking to her about far more than neck pain. She worked with me on my insomnia and my addiction to sweets. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to explore hypnosis in a non-threatening way." 

Abby, FL

Lisa F.

Fort Myers, FL

'I’ve been working with Lisa for the trauma I’ve endured this past year. She has taught me different tools to help with the emotional trauma and anxiety I’m currently dealing with. I’ve experienced physical pain from some of this too.  I have not had a sleepless or restless night for weeks!  My anxiety and ways of reacting to stressful triggers have greatly diminished. I carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. I’ve gotten headaches that had increasingly worsened. Lisa and I had done a session with tapping when I was having these headaches. I described them to her and she suggested and taught me the tapping techniques. The following week I had 4 headaches in a row every day just about the same time. Each day I went to a quiet dark room and practiced tapping. The headaches completely went away each time after tapping from forehead to collarbones within 15-20 mins. I was more shocked than anyone! I’ve suffered from migraines most of my adult life.​

These were not migraines, they were severe pressure headaches. Not a severe as a migraine but close. I called my family and friends, anyone I knew that had a history of headaches, and shared! I will try this for migraines, if or when they return.  I’m very impressed with what I’ve learned in the few months I’ve worked with Lisa. She has definitely tapped into something wonderful here! (no pun intended) I’m looking forward to continuing working with Lisa. We both have the same desired outcome. WELLNESS!"

Gayla H.

Pendleton, IN

"After years of struggling to overcome my inability to sleep, stay asleep, and get to sleep without taking a Xanax I turned to hypnotherapy.  I also wanted to work on my excessive worrying or GAD, Generalized anxiety disorder.  I met Lisa about four months ago when we were taking a walk, I explained to her I worry a lot.  She asked had I ever been hypnotized, I hadn’t so she explained what it was and thought it could help.  She had just finished her classes in hypnotherapy and was officially certified.  I was open to the idea and a little anxious about being hypnotized since I had never done this before. I didn’t know what hypnosis really was…I had only seen someone hypnotized in the movies or on television, where you lose control over your mind and body.  This was not the case at all; I was aware at all times during our sessions and completely relaxed! My concerns were quickly put to rest by Lisa’s soothing voice, calming demeanor, and communication about the process. She spent more time in our first session asking questions specifically about what I wanted to work on.  Lisa gave suggestions as to how hypnotherapy could help me meet my goals.  I was given exercises to do on my own during our time between sessions for daily self-hypnosis techniques to relax my mind and body.  Following three sessions with Lisa, I have to say I have been “transformed”!  I sleep so much better without any medication!  My worrying has changed to a better attitude creating a more positive outlook on life. When I feel anxious, I do the breathing and visualization exercises Lisa taught me.  It is truly life-changing!  I highly recommend Hypnotherapy by Lisa Viviano, she is a natural at what she does, and makes it seem effortless!"


" I’m doing great with my weight between 20 and 23 lbs lost and happy with my mental attitude; it feels easy for me."

Sue C.

Doylestown, PA

"I have never tried hypnotherapy before.  When I heard Lisa was offering weight loss hypnosis group sessions, I joined right away.  I noticed right away that Lisa offers a peaceful comforting vibe; I can’t speak for others, but I was immediately at ease. My primary goal is to lose weight and keep it off.  In addition to the weight loss, I had hopes for better sleep and less stress. I am very happy to say that I have achieved these goals and more with my work with Lisa.​

I’ve always struggled with my weight and with my daughter’s wedding approaching quickly, I wanted to try hypnosis.  It’s definitely been unlike any other diet I have tried. I’m losing weight and inches – I can feel the difference in how my clothes fit me.  And I’m loving it!!  I feel like I have somewhat more control over my life even when faced with some challenges I’m experiencing. Lisa really listens to what we as a group says, she is experienced and caring. She has such a relaxed manner that is so soothing to me.  In each session, she gets to the obstacles and hurdles that are impacting the group's progress.  She translates what we talk about before hypnosis into a personalized session. Honestly, for me, it has been a transformational experience. When we are done, I leave our session refreshed and relaxed, I feel like anything is possible.  I’m beyond grateful for Lisa’s help and support.  Lisa has taught me that Hypnosis gives you the willpower to make the changes you want to make."

Meredythe S.

Nashville, TN

"Being apprehensive with my first time in hypnotherapy and not knowing what to expect, Lisa immediately put me at ease.   She is incredibly sweet and made each class wonderfully peaceful and relaxing. Her sessions gave me a new perspective on my eating and made me more mindful of what and how I was eating each day.   I can definitely say that after this class, I’m more in control of my food choices and am enjoying the benefits to my health that go along with that."

Adilea D.

Goa, India

"I was skeptical about hypnosis at first but as soon as I spoke to Lisa, she brought calming energy to our conversation, and immediately I felt taken care of. As someone who suffers from chronic stress, feeling relaxed is extremely difficult. In our first session itself, I felt relaxed like never before. I never imagined for it to be possible.  "Apart from immediately seeing the benefits from the hypnosis sessions, I instantly started feeling more relaxed throughout the days that followed. My self-talk was calmer, my energies felt more centered and I began feeling more at ease with myself. I started loving myself more and that was one of my biggest takeaways.  I learned so much about myself from just the first session. Our goal was for me to wake up at 6:30 AM in the morning and I could accomplish that in a matter of days, something that I couldn't do for the life of me over the years. It's always been one of my biggest goals and I can't thank Lisa enough for showing me that I can do it! 
For anyone reading this, prepare yourself for a transformation like no other after working with Lisa."

Megan F.

Philadelphia, PA

"My aunt suggested I give hypnosis a try and I am forever grateful for it! Lisa walked me through every step of the way. She is so positive, a great listener, and patient. Her voice is calming which helped so much. Hypnosis allowed me to overcome my fear of driving - something I truly thought I’d never do again. You should give hypnosis a chance with Lisa, I know you won’t regret it."

Joanne L.

Churchville, PA

"I just completed the 6-week weight loss hypnosis program with Lisa.  It was a true game-changer for me.  I lost weight and went down a dress size.  I’m eating healthy foods and no longer feel that I have to use willpower to avoid cookies or chips.  The hypnosis sessions have drifted beyond weight loss, too. I feel more confident, not only in how I look, but how I feel.  I’m calmer and making self-care a priority.

Lisa is a caring soul and her soothing guided hypnotherapy sessions were deeply relaxing, powerful, and fun.  She puts you at ease with her warm and calm demeanor. The experience was truly transformational! "

Rosie s.

Hatfield, PA 

"I sought hypnotherapy for the birth of my first child just a few weeks before delivery! In only 4 sessions and utilizing self hypnosis techniques daily that Lisa instructed me on, I was able to not only learn what to expect for delivery of my son but I learned more about myself and what I needed in both myself and my husband during all the moments of labor to help me feel ready and supported! Surprisingly, Lisa was able to take away my pre-birth anxiety completely! I have always been an anxious person, especially with unknown situations like labor and her treatment was so tailored to my needs that I was able to feel more prepared and more mentally/emotionally strong for the birth of my son! Instead of panicking, I got to enjoy the moments leading up to meeting my son making the experience so much more exciting and happy! When my water broke around 4 am, I woke up clear minded, excited and got ready for the day! I was able to relax, listen to music and remain calm all while preparing to go to the hospital and calling my family to let them know it was time! Even my mom was so surprised how calm I sounded on the phone!

During the moments of strong contractions and pain, I was able to use the hypnosis techniques Lisa taught me to ease my pain. This allowed me to have control over my pain and contractions before I received the epidural! All in all, I am so happy Lisa helped me through birth hypnosis! I truly don’t know how the situation would have went without her! She helped me so much and I can’t thank her enough for her time and expertise!'


Warrington, PA 

"For almost a year I have struggled with Insomnia. I felt like I was awake the entire night. I was so desperate.  This lasted for 7 months and I couldn’t see an end in sight.  It was driving me crazy but I never gave up trying everything under the sun including a ton of over the counter sleep aids, then going to three different serious prescriptions. Nothing gave me 5 minutes of sleep except Ambien; it knocked me out for the entire night but had the serious side of depression.  I never want to experience that again.  Desperate, I tried gummies, acupuncture, ice cold showers, electrodes on my head, sun lamp, yellow tinted glasses for watching TV, THC drops, THC spray THC gummies and finally THC vaping; nothing worked, I never experienced any relief from any of these   Interestingly enough, I wasn’t that tired during the day.  After researching incessantly for 7 months I determined my condition was a unique Insomnia called Paradoxical Insomnia.  You feel like you are awake the entire night but are actually sleeping. Just about this time, Lisa entered my life with her skills as a Hypnotist and with her treatments I experienced sleep for the first time.  I was on top of the world to say the least. In addition, was very important and comforting to support the hypnosis treatments with my Apple Watch so I could actually see my progress every morning.  I am happy beyond words and so very grateful that I am now able to sleep again like other normal people. Thank you Lisa from the very bottom of my heart; you saved my life; or at least my sanity.  I will never forget what you have done for me."


Phila, PA

"Lisa is pure joy! Working with Lisa has changed my life and helped me to manage my eating habits and my anxiety. Lisa provides tools and strategies that have given me the confidence to persevere on my journey toward a healthy mind and body. For example, I used the tapping strategy when I was awoken in the middle of the night by an anxiety attack. The tapping immediately relieved the stress and allowed me to go back to sleep. 

Thank you again Lisa for doing what you do!"


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