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I began my first career in the dental field as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant where I worked on many patients who had fears about receiving dental care. I made it my goal during their visits not only to provide them with quality treatment but to help them be at ease with it. I wish I had the knowledge then that I do now of the power of hypnosis.

I discovered hypnosis when dealing with the embarrassing problem of bladder incontinence. I had seen doctors and pelvic floor physical therapists. I was not willing to take prescription medications due to the undesirable side effects. The modalities of PT helped but only to a point. When I heard that hypnosis may help I decided to pursue it. I had wonderful results with this therapy and now I can say that I am better than ever.

Additionally, my daughter was involved in a terrible car accident which prevented her from wanting to drive again. Hypnotherapy was the solution for her, she now drives easily and without fear. Other clients have shared their successes with achieving their goals and many have communicated that they had some additional unexpected positive outcomes such as improved sleep, and less worry in stressful situations, overall feeling calmer and more confident.

I am thrilled to be working as a certified consulting hypnotist, and honored to help people overcome problems, habits, pain, fears and so many other issues with the use of hypnotherapy. It is truly a field of endless possibilities in working with one's subconscious mind that elicits permanent and profound change.   I am happy to be working with you and to be able to help you experience growth, amazing accomplishments and wonderful outcomes that truly contribute to living a better life. 


Q: Do I have to come in person for Hypnotherapy?

A: You do not! Hypnosis is equally as effective in person as it is virtually.

Q: What does hypnosis do?

A: Hypnosis gives positive suggestions in your subconscious mind to help achieve certain goals. 

Q: Is hypnosis safe?

A: Hypnosis is completely safe, has no side effects, and was approved by the American Medical Association in 1958. 

Q: Can the hypnotist control me?

A: No! The hypnotist does not control you, and you are aware of everything during the process.

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